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Integrity, HSE & Maintenance
Gas pipeline integrity, oil pipeline integrity, overall asset integrity, health safety and environment (HSE) concerns and the challenges posed by maintenance are more important today than ever before. As the oil price has fluctuated far below break-even prices for many of the world’s mature arenas, the pressure has been on those in the asset integrity fold to do more with less. The majority of assets in the industry have surpassed their original design-life, presenting the oil and gas sector with a continuous and growing challenge up to the point of decommissioning. Given the fact that a facility may have been in operation for a number of decades, critical information may be incompatible or outdated and this information will most likely be scattered in unofficial storage locations or lost due to key employee attrition. The human side of the HSE in oil and gas story will always be of paramount importance, especially after high-profile disasters like the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Although HSE in oil and gas is an amalgam of facility and personnel management, asset integrity management pricing is of little importance when the wellbeing of staff is involved. Oil & Gas IQ is proud to have pioneered information exchange in this space for many years and has built this resource centre to continue the essential management of the oil and gas industry’s critical infrastructure.
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 12/17/2014
Tim Haïdar
Health and safety practices are pivotal in ensuring the well-being of both a company’s employees and its bottom line. In this infographic we have put together seven steps that we believe will drive towards health and safety excellence Full Article »
Posted: 01/19/2013
Oil & Gas: Turning Ageing Assets Into New Revenue Streams
What are the classic mistakes that operators make when trying to overhaul their integrity management framework? The Global Integrity Management Practice Leader at ABB lets us know where the real wins can be made Full Video »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 11/09/2014
In this edition of The Boardroom, we speak with David Doig, Group Chief Executive at OPITO, about the recent health and safety statistics coming out of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers. With 88 fatalities in the industry across the world in 2012 and lost-time incidents LTIs increasing by 12 per cent, are we actually doing Full Podcast »
Contributor: Martin Richards, José María Sotomayor, and Rune Olsen
Posted: 11/23/2015
Martin Richards, José María Sotomayor, and Rune Olsen
As we read news reports about the global economy, and the ripple effects of oil prices that are at half decade lows, something came to mind: refineries are poised to take advantage. And we can all learn from their playbook as they manoeuvre in the contemporary marketplace. Full Column »
Posted: 12/13/2016
Maintaining productivity and safety standards in the face of declining prices and profits is a challenge for oil and gas companies.

In part one of our two-part series, Mike Stone, product manager of Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), gave an overview of cost-effective asset management in this environment. In part two, we dive into specific tools, processes, and resources that oil and gas companies can use to formulate a risk-based asset strategy. Full Whitepaper »