[EBOOK] A Guide To Oil & Gas Asset Integrity In The Middle East

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is crucial for the oil and gas sector to ensure the reliability of operations and the safe delivery of production targets.

While established in the Middle East for many years, emerging challenges such as high pressure high temperature and sour environments, means that AIM’s importance and influence is further expanding in the region.

In this 7 page ebook learn from the region’s leading operators on how to improve asset integrity performance to optimise the commercial viability of assets, enhance safety and improve equipment performance including overviews on:

  • Asset Integrity Management in the Middle East’s Oil and Gas Sector
  • Assessing the Key Challenges for AIM in the Oil and Gas Sector in the Middle East
  • AIM & Design
  • AIM & Compliance
  • The Future of AI in the Middle East


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