LNG Is The Future Of Shipping – But It Will Be A Battle Against The Tide

In this exclusive interview, Tim Haðdar speaks with Johan Algell, Managing Director of White Smoke Shipping about why liquefied natural gas (LNG) should be the shipping fuel of the future.

LNG offers one of the most prominent solutions, reducing sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions while being economically feasible. With the DNV projecting that by 2030 up to 45% of vessels be will fuelled by LNG, LNG seems a convincing alternative.

In the course of this interview, Johan touches on:

  • · Why LNG above other fuels? What makes this a more prominent solution to meet ECA standards than conventional fuels?
  • · What is the greatest obstacle facing the expansion of LNG bunkering today?
  • · The importance of co-operation between business, government and industry to make LNG bunkering a financially viable prospect.
  • · Risk sharing across the stakeholder spectrum as an impetus for LNG bunker capacity development
  • · 2015: Will LNG infrastructure be in place to meet ECA requirements?



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