Following The Oil & Gas Economic Capital Trail: Navigating The New Enviroment

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The fall of $50 per barrel and a bearish outlook have diminished the allure that O&G has held for investors over the past five years. They have all of a sudden changed the discussion in the sector from raising capital, to driving growth in the long term, to seeing capital as the biggest lever of adjustment in today’s low-priced, cost-focused, and highly competitive market environment.

Navigating this new environment might be painful for many O&G companies, but they understand from past experience that adapting will only make them more efficient, dynamic, and innovative. The environment may question their traditional capital strategies and present several new capital choices, which will likely force many to explore and consider new forms of sourcing, deploying, and optimizing capital.

Such strategies include sourcing capital through new low-cost investment vehicles; deploying capital in assets and markets that offer greater portfolio and operational flexibility; and optimizing capital by adopting leaner designs and displaying higher commercial agility in supply chain and contracts.

Because this is just the beginning of the new environment, it is important to carefully study the dynamic nature of the shale business and its repercussions on the global O&G industry.

We have compiled the perspectives of some of the leading organizations in the industry to provide you with a 13-page Economic Investment Report in order to help guide your understanding of the market and how you can apply lesson's learned to your current suite of projects

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