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In the pipeline this week

Huge strides energy companies have been taking towards gender equality in the workplace and boardroom.

Schlumberger Ltd. launched Faculty for the Future in 2004 which selects women from regions where economic conditions and women’s participation in the economy, politics and education is challenging. The faculty helps them pursue scientific careers by removing the barriers women typically face when entering these disciplines.

In addition...

The FPSO World Congress in Singapore wrapped up this week. The event saw great success with engagement across the board.

A key highlight was Vincent Jacquemet, Oil and Gas Digital Consulting Director, Schneider Electric and his session on how IoT and Digital Solutions will Help Optimise Construction and Operations of FPSOs. You can check out FPSO Network, the offshore installation of Oil & Gas IQ, for key takeaways from this year’s event as well as exclusive content pieces, and includes a snapshot of what’s to come next year.

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