The Great Data Transformation [part one]

How the oil and gas industry is capitalising on digitalisation

Oil & Gas IQ


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At any modern-day oil and gas operation, three big changes are taking place that one should consider when looking for the best approach to the digital transformation.

The first is the accelerating growth of data generated by assets. The second is the increasing importance of emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and data analytics, which are having a big impact.

Finally, the third is that within every company there is a growing appetite for collecting and leveraging data from an increasing number of groups and specializations.

Together, these drivers are making oil and gas operators focus on designing a centralised strategy for managing their operational data as they pursue “intelligent information” – rather than merely collecting volumes of data that will languish unused in data swamps.

Read the report, and learn how TransCanada, Petronas, and ADNOC Onshore have successfully embarked on a digital transformation with real-time operational data.


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