Why commercial branded fuel firms should adopt a fuel protection program

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The oil and gas industry directly or indirectly impacts almost all other economic sectors around the world, with developments within the industry affecting stock markets, international diplomacy and global logistics networks.

Therefore, commercial oil and gas companies have a huge responsibility to ensure they prevent manipulation and maintain quality within their supply chain, keep the marketplace fair for all stakeholders, and consistently deliver genuine branded products to their customers.

Commercial oil and gas companies must also act to protect the reputations of their brands, as well as their market share and profits ­­– all goals they can accomplish by implementing an effective branded fuel protection program.

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In its latest report, Authentix, which has more than 25 years experience helping companies design, implement and enforce fuel marking programs, explores why companies should adopt a fuel protection program. By adopting a solution such as ensuring they mark their branded fuel supply with covert markers, inspectors can detect minor amounts of dilution, substitution or quality issues in the branded fuel. These innovative solutions provide brand owners with stronger market transparency and predictability, helping them to secure the supply chain.

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