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[INFOGRAPHIC] Cyber Security: The Digital Elephant In The Room

Posted: 10/27/2016

In a recent report, The Royal Society called for cyber security to become the primary concern for business, policy and research in the current climate, with heightened emphasis on information sharing and international collaboration.

As all elements of society are increasingly being lived out in the cyber domain, sensitivity around the threats posed by the plethora of attack methods and motives involved in cyber realms has been heightened. But just because we are aware of danger, does that mean we are doing enough to combat it or mitigate any fallout?

In this infographic representation of a survey into the energy sector conducted by Oil & Gas IQ in conjunction with FireEye, the answer would seem to be an alarming and resounding NO...

In this infographic you will discover:

    • How often are oil and gas companies breached and how long before they detect breaches
    • How may oil and gas companies have a 24/7 cyber security response plan
    • Whether oil and gas cyber response plans are support by the board
    • How extensive are thier cyber breach response plan in oil and gas
    • How often do oil and gas companies test their cyber response plans

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    Posted: 10/27/2016