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Leadership, strong management, and access to the right information at the right time to make effective decisions has never been more important as we move into a future characterized by the digital oilfield, instant communications and the opportunities presented by new technologies and new media. From oil price forecast discussions, to natural gas outlook analysis, this industry resource centre is the place to benefit from big picture best practice to ensure you are able to deliver the growth you need. Start Exploring Today.

Contributor: Leandro Basilio
Posted: 06/23/2017
In part two of his series on the best ways to manage an offshore development, Leandro Basilio takes us through best practice in the crucial front-end loading stages of a project.

Precision, efficiency and clarity in this early phase can often be the difference between an economic success story or a costly failure. Full Article »
Contributor: Tom Fox, FCPA
Posted: 03/24/2017
Tom Fox
In this video, legal and compliance expert Tom Fox interviews Tim Haidar, Editor-In Chief, Oil & Gas IQ on a variety of topics from the Deepwater Horizon incident to local content to the current the status of compliance in the energy industry. Full Video »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 01/11/2015
In this exclusive interview, we speak with Eduardo Lora-Tamayo, Project Manager IT at Spanish-based muti-utility Gas Natural Fenosa about the "Hermes" program he devised and rolled out. Gas Natural Fenosa has a user base of some 20 million customers, and the Hermes mobility platform has allowed frontline staff to use real-time information to make Full Podcast »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 07/12/2016
Tim Haïdar
A few weeks ago, the shadow of Brexit - the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union - was just that, an obscurity, intangible and illusory. Today, the genie is out of the bottle and whether the magic cast is white or black will be felt over a span of years. Full Column »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 06/07/2017
Tim Haïdar
The dip in oil prices that has plagued the oil and gas industry in the past 24 months has not spared the floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) sector.

In this analysis, we ask a panel of experts from the financial part of the industry what they think would best advance the bankability of an FPSO project in such an adverse climate. Full Whitepaper »