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Posted: 01/16/2013
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Top AIM White papers Include :

AIM: Weathering the Storm PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT - Four Steps To Asset Integrity Success The Cornerstone Of Asset Management Success: Policy & Strategy Alignment
 Weathering the Storm
PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT - Four Steps To Asset Integrity Success
 Policy & Strategy Alignment
Benjamin Franklin tells us that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. In the life of a platform two other constants take hold: ageing never ends and rust never sleeps. By viewing this essential framework, you will discover "What are the right questions to ask to increase the life of your assets?". Download it now. In this whitepaper, we look at importance of instituting a clear policy and strategy for asset management that will lead to economic success.
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Posted: 01/16/2013

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