Building Your Oil & Gas Sales Strategy To Drive Results In 2016

Mark LaCour

Modal Point's Sales Strategy for Oil and Gas in 2016: How to Kick Ass and Drive Results!

Number one, and if you watched us for any length of time you knew this is what I was going to say – planning. Planning is everything. Now if you’re one of those companies out there who have this annual sales planning process, and you make all your reps put all these charts, numbers, figures and target accounts together, then present it to management. Then you don’t touch it again for the rest of the year. Stop it, that’s a waste of your time and it’s a waste of your reps time. If you don’t use something that’s fact-based and actual, it’s a waste of everybody’s time, so let’s get it right. This is how you develop sales strategy for oil and gas 2016.

You need to look at what you really need to accomplish with bottom up mathematics, not top down. A lot of sales organizations get some big number from the executives, and then they divvy it up and a number eventually gets handed to the reps. That’s not real facts, its guesses.

This is the foundation for sales strategy for oil and gas 2016

Look at from the reps’ point of view. What can they actually realistically produce in 2016, and then add some additional upside as a stretch goal. Then work your way up to get your total number. And remember, everything you need in this plan needs to be actual; it needs to be real and usable. And throughout the year you need to have checkpoints with your reps to readjust and make sure they’re on track. A short one page actionable sales plan is a hundred times better than some thirty-page PowerPoint that nobody ever looks at again. This is the foundation for sales strategy for oil and gas 2016.

Next thing is you have to know is what is the problem that your product or solution fixes. Now if you’ve been selling to oil and gas for years or on some case decades, you may think you know exactly where that is. And unfortunately if that world for you is an upstream or the service part of the industry you’re really hurting right now.

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