Free Intergraph 3D Design Seminars: Don't Lose Your Competitive Edge!

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Are your plant design projects getting more and more complex, geographically diverse and larger? Are your design processes time-intensive and error prone without hardly any re-use of effort?

Imagine yourself using a smart solution that integrates engineering data across the enterprise, that streamlines design processes and facilitates global concurrent engineering.

What would your advantages be?

• At least 30% increase in productivity
• Ensured design accuracy and consistency
• Continuity through the preservation of knowledge for future re-use
• Earlier and better informed decisions about system design
• Shorter project schedules

So, get your competitive advantage back right now. How? Join one of our free 3D Design seminars and learn how your organization can accelerate projects and boost productivity and quality of your 3D design projects. A detailed agenda of these events can be found here.

Looking forward to meeting you in May in Stavanger, G÷teborg, Helsinki or Copenhagen!

If you have any further questions please contact Erika Ahvenainen.


David has a wealth of knowledge within engineering/design in general and piping in particular. He is responsible for providing support and consultancy throughout the EMIA region, focusing on the Smart 3D™ products.

See Smarter 3D design in action -
watch the video here!