[INFOGRAPHIC] BP Energy Outlook 2035

Sumit Dutta

A look ahead to the future of energy

BP has released their 2014 projection for the future of global energy.

The super major has predicted that while energy demand will continue to grow, growth itself is slowing and will be primarily driven by emerging nations like India and China.

By 2035, oil, natural gas and coal are each predicted to make up around 27% of the energy demand total while the remaining share will come from nuclear, hydroelectricity and renewables.

In this infographic you will find the key themes from the outlook and the answers to five critical questions:

  • In 2035 how much energy will the world need?
  • What is the outlook for individual fuels?
  • How will energy be used?
  • What are the wider implications?
  • What will this mean for the environment?

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