Pipebuzz Podcast: The 5 Best Social Media Apps You Need to Enhance Your Oil & Gas Career

Oil & Gas IQ

My story on social media in oil & gas: Worked at a company with NO marketing on myself as the only sales rep for this Chinese oil & gas company.

A huge lofty hurdle to overcome, but with new wave marketing strategies, proven track record with prior techniques, sick work ethic, and positive mindset, I accomplished building my new company to nearly $3 million dollars from $0.00 starting for initial investment...

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Cmpany page, groups, live streaming, Facebook ads is the best way right now to advertise your business to get the most “bang for your buck” for your oil & gas business.

LinkedIn Groups, VIP professionals, Linkedin Premier, Baby Boomers Oil & Gas downfall on Linkedin, wondering how Linkedin can compete with Facebook in the future. Seems tough, but they’re succeeding in the professional social media landscape very effectively.

Highest amount of buying product decisions are based on Pinterest on a global scale. Pinterest ads also have the highest converting buy rate out of any social media platform with Pinterest Ads. Low competition of users are using ads and having more conversion into sales than other social media platforms. Getting started on Pinterest is a great way to keep copyright infringers at bay with their “Pin it” buttons that trace back to the original source, and creative themed storyboards to showcase your oil & gas products in an engaging manner. Pinterest is highly recommended and was barely edged out by Linkedin in this review.


Drives a ton of traffic to company websites, very easy to use and post, popular hashtags, google keyword planner, #oilprice, #oiljobs, #petroleum, #fracking, #drilling etc. The hardest to get quality leads or build relationships.


Easy to use, tons of traffic, and easy access for traffic based on posts per day. Twitter ads have success, not on the same scale as Facebook’s conversions to sales, but nonetheless it’s a must have for any business wanting to gain exposure in this ever so cutthroat oil & gas digital landscape in today’s budget-cutting market.


Treat each social media platform as individual silos. What do I mean? Don’t use scheduling software unless you truly are tight on the budget. Hire a social media manager to help with this. This will create more quality leads and capture business faster and more effectively.

Originally published at Pipebuzz