Sell Without Selling - Improve Results From Your Sponsored Session

Sumit Dutta

Find out 4 ways to revolutionize your sponsored session and generate more business

Vanessa Lovatt, General Manager at IQPC presents a 4-minute seminar on how to improve audience engagement and get better results from your sponsored session. Sales tactics of the past are no longer appropriate for most businesses, and certainly most conferences. What's more our research has shown that these types of pitches are almost completely ineffective.

So how do you avoid falling into this trap and become one of the forward thinkers? Take just 4 minutes to find out 4 ways to revolutionize your sponsored session and ensure that you generate more leads and have better follow up meetings after your session. The seminar closes with a short interview with Rob Hijboom, Global Director, Customer Experience Management, Metrixlab, who has discovered the benefits of following the 4 golden rules.


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Sumit Dutta heads up Marketing at Oil & Gas IQ. Contact him at Twitter or Google Plus