Struggling With Unstructured Data? Find Out How To Make Most Of Legacy Information

Then you are not alone.

Traditional document and information management systems do not help locate information hidden in unstructured information formats

Are you dealing with:

• Unstructured and outdated legacy data?
• Multiple information sources and formats?
• A decentralized information management structure?

These information management challenges expose operations and engineering companies to unnecessary cost, risk, delay, and hazard.

This is especially prominent when handling:

• Acquisitions of brownfield assets
• Handovers and turnarounds
• Time-critical plant information access
• Project information quality and integrity

The topics of our free information management seminar include:

• Challenges and best practices of information management
• How to optimize data integrity and quality during handovers and turnarounds
• Recent breakthroughs in information management solutions
• Q&A session with our industry experts
• View the agenda here

Curious to know how you can overcome the hurdles of data management successfully?

Join our free information management seminar
and learn how your organization can enhance information quality to decrease unnecessary costs and risks.

A detailed agenda can be found here.

Looking forward to meeting you in May in
Stavanger, G÷teborg, Helsinki or Copenhagen!


Sascha is a Business Development Consultant for Intergraph PP&M and provides consultancy through workshops and best practice subject-matter-expertise in Information Management and Data Integration with the Intergraph solutions.


Discover How to Unleash the Power of Your Legacy Information With SmartPlant® Fusion!
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