The 10 Biggest Oil Spills In World History

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Since the dawn of modern oil exploitation in the 19th century, a sad but inevitable truth has rung true: accidents happen and oil spills. The ten biggest oil disasters in the oil and gas industry and gas industry in this list amount to a cumulative hydrocarbons loss of 40.8 million barrels and cost 53 lives:

10. ABT Summer Oil Spill

When: May 28th, 1991
Where: 700 nautical miles (1,300 km) off the coast of Angola
Casualties: Five dead
Amount spilled: 1.21 million barrels (51-81 million gallons)

The Liberian-registered ABT Summer exploded one month after the M/T Haven carrying a load of 260,000 tonnes of Iranian crude oil. 27 of the crew’s compliment of 32 were rescued in a coordinated response by seven vessels, yet five crew members were lost to the subsequent fire.

An oil slick covering an area of 80 square miles (207 km²) remained ablaze for three days before the ship sank on June 1st, 1991.


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