Revealed: The Top 20 Richest People In Oil & Gas 2014

Sumit Dutta

There are over 1,600 billionaires on Planet Earth but how many of them made their fortune in the oil and gas industry?

We have just released the Oil & Gas IQ Rich List for Oil & Gas and Energy 2014 and it's available to download for all of our members for free right now!

In this new eBook from the author of our Biggest Companies In Oil & Gas Companies eBook we profile the twenty richest people in the industry and find out how they built their empires.

As we exit the economic downturn it is apparent some players in oil and gas have benefited more than most. The combined wealth of the top 20 individuals in this study is an astonishing $289.7 bn. For those keeping score, that is enough to buy you Chevron outright and still have a healthy $60 bn left over for fun.

So what makes a savvy professional into a tycoon? As we are about to reveal, two key factors in the rise from business man to baron are a diversified portfolio and killer timing. It seems that it also helps if you are Russian....

And if you are feeling disheartened, remember over half of the entrants on the list are self-made.

Who knows what future tycoons will be on future iterations of this list?

With luck and a little bit of elbow grease - maybe you!

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