Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies: Pemex

Pemexaka Petrôleos Mexicanos (Mexican Petroleum) is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company.

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Sumit Dutta

Top 10 worlds largest oil companies 

Founded in 1938 after the nationalisation of the petroleum industry which removed all private foreign and domestic companies, Pemex is now the world's second largest non-publicly listed company by total market value.

Pemex can also claim to being the biggest company in Mexico and Latin America, and also Mexico’s most important fiscal contributor.

Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has stressed the need to reform Pemex to allow foreign investment. This may assist in increasing production in Mexico's biggest field, Cantarell, which has dropped from 2 million barrels per day by approximately 65%.

Sadly, two recent explosions at Pemex facilities in 2012 and 2013 left 66 people dead and over 170 injured.

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Barrels Per Day:
3.6 million
Founded: 1938
Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico
State Owned? Yes
CEO: Carlos Alberto Treviño Medina
Revenue: US $117 billion (2017)
Employees: 138,215 (2017)


Pemex is actively fighting the illegal fuel market and has set up hotlines that the public can use anonymously to tip off fraudulent fuel crime.






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