Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies: Chevron Corporation

Another super major, the Chevron Corporation is America's third largest corporation according to the Fortune 500. It was named the world’s 16th largest public company by Forbes Global 2000.

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Sumit Dutta

Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies

The company was founded in 1984, but its origins can be traced as far back to 1879 when the Pacific Coast Oil Company was formed. This company was acquired by Standard Oil Co (part of its parent corporation Standard Oil) who then later rebranded the subsidiary to SoCal. This is when it launched the name Chevron for some of its product lines. In 1984 when Gulf Oil and SoCal merged, it was decided the new company would be rebranded as Chevron Corporation.

In 2000, Chevron bought Texaco in a $45 billion deal which created the United States' second-largest oil company and the fourth-largest publicly traded oil company in the worlds.

The company has had many different brands under its umbrella including Chevron, Standard Oil, Texaco, Caltex, Unocal, Star Mart, Extra Mile, Redwood Market, Town Pantry, Delo, Havoline, Revtex, Ursa, Techron and Caltex.

Chevron is also distinguished by its environmentally track record and achieved the highest score for an American oil and gas company investing in alternative energy sources and setting emission reduction targets.

The company is also largest producer of geothermal energy. Chevron has also slashed its own energy usage by more than 30% since 1992 by utilising alternative energy platforms including hydrogen fuel and solar panels at its facilities.

In 2010 the company acquired Atlas Petroleum for $4.3 billion to make inroads in the lucrative Marcellus shale and Utica shale plays.

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Barrels Per Day 3.5 million
Founded 1984
Headquarters California, U.S.
State Owned? No
CEO John S. Watson (Chairman & CEO)
Revenue US$ 129 billion (2017)
Employees 51,900 (2017)



Former United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice was a former member of the board of directors, and head of Chevron's committee on public policy.




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