Oil and gas industry on the cusp?

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Diana Raicu

Intelligent enterprise (IE) technology could lead to an oil and gas revolution according to 14 per cent of respondents in a major industry poll.

A recent Oil & Gas IQ survey has uncovered that the suite of novel technologies, including everything from artificial intelligence to chatbots, will shake up every vertical in the hydrocarbons supply chain by 2020.

The survey findings will be showcased in a special report to be released across Oil & Gas IQ’s multimedia channels in October 2017.

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Exclusive findings

Almost three quarters of oil and gas professionals believe that intelligent enterprise solutions can cut capex and opex in the next three years. Some 15 per cent of that number believes that spending could be slashed by up to 20 per cent in this period.

While 80 per cent of those surveyed are “excited” by what intelligent enterprise has to offer the industry, 60 per cent see an unbending corporate culture as a major stumbling block for changes to the status quo. 

Past that hurdle, one in three respondents thought that integration with existing infrastructure and legacy systems would be the biggest single challenge for adoption.

Coming soon

The full report entitled “AI 2020: the future of oil and gas” is being produced in association with AIIA.net, a new multimedia hub designed to help understand and implement intelligent enterprise solutions.

The report is part of IQPC’s cross-sector market study on the adoption of IE technologies, which includes a deep-dive analysis of the customer experience, defence and pharmaceutical sectors.

Oil and Gas IQ is now inviting potential partners to sponsor the report.