Working With Oil & Gas IQ: Testimonials

Sumit Dutta

Don’t just take our word for it…

"Oil & Gas IQ offers a rare opportunity to hear about operator experiences and benefit from their learnings. A good opportunity to network with other people working in this area"

"We see working with Oil & Gas IQ as an essential part of our marketing strategy, and in the weeks following a recent collaboration we received both site visits and closed a significant deal with a client we had been attempting to engage for a significant amount of time."

"As a result of working with Oil & Gas IQ, ABB has recently secured a significant, six-figure contract with an established North Sea based operator. This contract award for provision of consulting services across a number of assets was secured within 6 months of the initial engagement with the client who was not previously an active prospect for us."
ABB Engineering Services



Sumit Dutta heads up Marketing at Oil & Gas IQ. Contact him at Twitter or Google Plus