How can we make the best of what nature has to offer?

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Have you ever imagined your life without electricity? Not being able to turn on your TV or laptop, leaving your house without having a cup of hot tea or even worse, leaving your mobile behind as the battery simply died.

I guess not. It sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? We forget that there are countries and even continents where electricity is an unaffordable luxury.

Africa, being one of the most highly populated continents, suffers from an electricity shortage. About 80 percent of the population does not have access to electricity. Now, take a moment and think to yourself, is it fair that we can watch the FIFA World Cup and they can not… the answer is obvious.

However, things are not that bad as they seem. Compared to other continents Africa has a huge potential to develop its ‘Green’ energy potential. Oil, gas and coal will not last forever and it is time to look into the renewable energy sources to sustain the environment and overcome the energy deficit. It is already proven that investments in solar and wind energy will give better results and ROI in the long run.

Then, why not start making the best of what nature has to offer…? Why not stop harming the environment and start sustaining it…? Why not encouraging and developing the green and environmentally friendly electricity option…?

As long as the sun is shining and wind is blowing there will always be electricity. So let’s take make the best of what nature has to offer and leave a sustainable environment for generations to come.

By Ravshan Abdullayev

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