How Would Things Go Without Planning and Caring?

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Oil and Gas Plants

It is strange how at the end of the day, a lot of things come down to "planning" and "organizing." Like most things in life, if you are well prepared and organized you minimize unpleasant surprises.

Equally, if you take care of your assets (be it a yacht, a car, a house, a beach batch, etc.) its life cycle should theoretically lengthen. Yes, taking care of your "assets," i.e. servicing your car comes at a cost. A cost that in the long run will always be less than having to replace the entire car.

On a much larger scale, the same applies to huge oil and gas plants that failing to be well prepared and "maintain" their assets face much greater consequences. What in industry terms is referred to as "Unplanned Shutdowns."

Similarly, they incur costs – on an equally larger scale that ultimately affect the company’s bottom line.

Planning, maintenance and organizing all play a pivotal role and potentially can save the company billions. It must be said, as in many things in life, some things are out of our control and cannot be foreseen or prevented. This is when the "contingency plan" comes into play.

Be it on a large or small scale, on a personal or business level; the overall objective is always the same = lengthen the assets lifecycle, the strategy applied is always the same = to plan and maintain; and the lesson learnt is the same = invest in planning and maintenance that will pay off in the long run. What may always differ is the overall damage. A car, a house versus billions of dollars lost.

Therefore, remember: Always plan and most importantly TAKE CARE of your assets!

So, how is your organization taking care of their assets?

By Geraldine Beacon

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