Employer branding an underestimated HR tool

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Like me, you may have often seen people on weekends at the movies or in malls wearing their company T-shirts. There is a reason why they wear it on a non-working day – although a pile-high laundry basket maybe the reason in some cases!

For me, that is employer branding at its best – one that instills a sense of belongingness and pride for the employees and evokes a desire in others to be also be able to wear that T-shirt.

Branding is commonly placed in the arena of marketing but its potential as an HR tool cannot be underestimated. The workforce of oil & gas companies works under high-pressure, even harsh circumstances, around activities that safeguard huge investments and assets. We all know that it takes more than just monetary benefits to be able to do that!

This is where employer branding comes in – a clear consistent message that conveys the value proposition of your company, its products and services, its vision and competence, its culture and values in a manner that captivates and engages can greatly enhance the desirability to work for the company.

As more and more oil and gas companies cross international boundaries to reach the desired skill pool, branding your company as the employer of choice can certainly give that extra competitive edge. Branding can help gain and maintain reputation as a good employer, one with financial strength offering good career opportunities and taking care of the employee’s work-personal life balance.

As much as an employer branding helps attract new talent, its contribution is crucial in the continual engagement and retention of staff. People are happy to be associated with companies that treat them well and are recognized in the industry as a good employer. Branding used internally can therefore help increase employee loyalty, retention, recruitment, productivity and in turn positively impact the profitability of the company.

So, are your organization’s employees proud to wear their company T-shirts – or do they want the competitors’?

By Manisha Upadhyay

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