What are the obstacles for AIM in your company?

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I’m producing a conference on Asset Integrity Management (AIM) in Egypt. By definition, Asset Integrity Management refers to the management systems, strategies and activities aimed at maintaining the assets in a fit-for-service condition while extending the life-cycle in the most reliable, safe and cost-effective manner.

I learnt during my research that despite the fact North African oil, gas and petrochemical assets are ageing; the AIM concept is not implemented to the same extends in North Africa than in the Middle East. When I asked to industry insiders what were the main barriers for AIM implementation in North Africa, here are the four main reasons that I have been given:

  • The capital investment required to implement AIM programme and technologies
  • The workforce attitude – especially the ageing workforce – who might be reluctant to shift to new technologies or processes
  • The lack of expertise on asset integrity strategies, technologies and management
  • The lack of awareness on the importance of AIM programme to maintain assets life-cycle

If you are facing other challenges in implementing AIM programme in oil, gas or petrochemical company, feel free to share your experience!

By Rozenn Cornec

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