Editorial: New Boss = Old Boss, New Paths = Old Habits?

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Tim Haïdar

"If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success." John Davison Rockefeller

As Barack H. Obama, prepares for four more years in office, the commanding heights of the US oil industry are watching and waiting.

Just days after Obama’s romping electoral success, The Interior Department has issued a plan to preclude some 1.6 million acres (6475 square km) of federal land from possible oil shale expansion. This ring fencing is in stark contrast to the 13 million acres (52,609 square km) of public land made available for the siting of clean energy developments.

As the President continues to "strike out new paths" with renewable energy initiatives such as utility scale solar plants and offshore wind projects, he may be set for a showdown with states like Louisiana and Texas that still have a lot of road to travel on those "worn paths of accepted success", and areas like the Dakotas, Colorado and Wyoming that are embarking on "new paths" to prosperity fashioned in brick of a lesser shade of green.

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