Editorial: The Father of Logic Takes On the Job Market

Tim Haïdar

" All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."

Thus spoke the great polymath, as he sat imparting his musings as Royal Tutor for the King of Macedon. An unpaid job apparently, but not without the obvious perks that come with tutorship to Alexander the Great.

From Northern Greece to Northern Europe, reports coming out of Britain today are claiming that investment in the latest North Sea licensing round could create up to 50,000 new jobs in 2013.

It is estimated that more than £40 billion will be spent on the UK Continental Shelf in the next three years, with companies like BP and GDF Suez expanding into the West of Shetland and Talisman Sinopec starting to flex its newly-combined muscles.

Whilst this is seemingly good news in the context of record European unemployment, a sector-wide skills shortage may well render that a hollow promise. It doesn’t take the Father of Logic to see that….

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