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Hess Corporation On How Process Excellence Can Help Oil and Gas Companies Avoid "The Perfect Storm"

Hosted By: Helen Winsor
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About this Podcast...

In this exclusive podcast interview, while he was still VP for BMP at Hess Corporation, Oil & Gas IQ's Helen Winsor speaks with John Douglas, how the implementation of process excellence practices has helped Hess shape up and succeed over the past decade and more.

Process excellence, often also known as operational excellence, is the philosophy that system-wide integrated leadership, teamwork and problem solving can result in continuous improvement throughout an organization at all levels. The rigorous employment of well-defined KPIs and metrics is paramount to measure the success of a process excellence strategy.

In the course of this interview, John touches

  • Process excellence as a matter of cultural and behavioural change
  • Tips on how to achieve system-wide risk management and asset integrity improvements by using continuous improvement concepts
  • In the wake of the Macondo incident, the importance of putting in place crisis management processes that are preventive rather than reactive
  • How to avoid a "perfect storm" of minor defects leading to a major adverse event
  • Understanding that a "good enough" attitude is no basis for a long-term management strategy
  • Running risk management on the basis of core principles: Awareness, Productivity, Monitoring, Flexibility and Adaptability.
  • The pros and cons of rolling out end-to-end business processes one project at a time versus enabling enterprise-wide programmes


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