How To Improve Knowledge And Information Transfer Through Social Media

Speaking at the 2011 Knowledge & Information Management for Oil & Gas conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, we put a series of questions to our assembled experts on how social media is changing the way we do business.

The panel was made up of some of the industry's pre-eminent thinkers in the info and KM space, including Andy Boyd of Shell, Susan Rosenbaum of Schlumberger and Alan Thompson of PSN.

  • Does social media change the existing knowledge management paradigm?
  • Should you let external parties into your communities of practice?
  • Are younger members of the communities of practice contributors or consumers?
  • Do FAQs work and are they worth it?
  • Can physical office space improve the flow or knowledge and info through social networks?
  • How to break the 1-9-90 rule when it comes to wikis and social media participation


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