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Social Media & Collaborative Tools: Smaller World, Global Feeling

Hosted By: Helen Winsor
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About this Podcast...

In an interview with IQPC’s Helen Winsor, Jim Kochan, Knowledge Management Consultant at ConocoPhillips, discusses Social Media and Collaborative tools- the "Do’s" and "Don’ts," and a "How to" on introducing these tools to an organization. Kochan also offers insight into the upcoming Knowledge and Information Management Summit.

Although Social Media and Collaborative tools are paramount to a globally operating business, Kochan cautions the business leader to approach Social Media and Collaborative tool integration methodically; understanding what the tools "do" and "how" to bring them into an organization.

"The world is getting smaller because of collaborative applications and tools," he says, adding that, not so long ago, organizations were local operations. Now business leaders can learn and create their own personal networks and "feel global."

Kochan offers key tips and things to avoid when creating meaningful applications and collaborative networks:

- Making sure that everyone in an organization is using the same tool.
- Creating a plan of action by first determining what needs to be accomplished and then finding the tools that can
facilitate that plan of action.
- Understanding how you want to introduce the tools; configuring a roll-out that people can get used to.
- Remembering you can only go as fast as your users can.


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