[SURVEY] Cyber Security: Think You Are Safe? Really?....

In this survey we want to hear about your views on cyber security in oil and gas.

After the success of our wide-ranging and comprehensive investigation into the state of cyber security in the oil and gas sector, Cyber 9/11: Is The Oil & Gas Industry Sleepwalking Into A Nightmare?, we'd like to hear from you.

To make sure we are at the tip of the spear and you are getting the best information possible, we'd like you to tell us what you think are the biggest challenges, the threat sources you are most concerned about and your prime concern if an incursion where to occur where you work. All it will involve is five minutes of your time.

As a thank you for your insight, we will enter you into a prize draw for a €100 Amazon voucher as soon as the survey is completed. Simply fill in the 19 questions below to get the show on the road.