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Oil & gas competition: Top 10 wind power producing nations

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) the total world power generation capacity for the sector is now fast approaching 500GW.


The recent surge in installation is illustrated by the statistic that 241GW (nearly half of the world’s capacity), has been commissioned within the past five years - this is a growing challenge to hydrocarbon's traditional dominance.

Recently, the Paris Agreement was officially ratified by the 55 countries, confirming a global push to reduce global warming over the next century.  Wind power is going to play a huge part in achieving this goal, which will bring plenty of opportunities for wind turbine manufacturers and equipment suppliers such as Mirage Machines.

Although slightly down on the previous year, 2016 was a strong year for the wind power sector, with just under 55GW of new capacity installed worldwide.

In this infographic using data from a recently published GWEC report find out which countries produced the most wind energy in 2016 and their total capacity.

View the infographic below or download the full graphic in PDF by clicking on the red download button below.


Originally posted by Mirage Machines and reproduced with permission from the authors.


Oil & gas competition: Top 10 wind power producing nations.