Crew Change: Oil & Gas Skills Shortage Crisis

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Crew Change is Coming

By 2018, half of the Western oil and gas industry’s engineers and geophysicists will be beyond retirement age.

In association with Oil and Gas Job Search, we present The Great Crew Change: An Extinction Level Event In The Making?

This exclusive 21 page report features insight from members of industry and academia to find out how and why the situation has become so grave and what, if anything, can be done to mitigate the affects of a skills shortage that could prove to be biggest existential threat in modern business.

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In we look at how apathy, oil price and adverse events have conspired marginalise the industry in the eyes of many, resulting in a "lost generation" of potential recruits and a declining interest in one of the world’s most advanced industries.

Find out now what the Crew Change means for you, your organisation and the oil and gas industry.

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