[EBOOK] The Oil & Gas Modelling Checklist

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In the oil and gas industry, management rely on economic and financial analysis to make multibillion dollar investment decisions.

Producing this analysis is not a trivial task. Analysts must consolidate and incorporate months or years of work by cross-functional teams.

This eBook will help you plan the model build requirements for an Oil and Gas project. Each chapter has been designed to prompt questions, raise issues and lay out common steps in the modelling process. By reading this eBook you will learn how to tackle the 6 key issues you need to take into account for a project:

  1. Granularity of capital expenditure and operating expenditure
  2. Timelines e.g. semi-annual or annual?
  3. Economic metrics
  4. Tax
  5. Shareholding quintessential
  6. Sensitivities

This eBook also contains an accompanying checklist which you can use in your own projects. Years of knowledge, experience and organisational memory have gone into the creation of the document which contains a list of factors to consider when scoping an oil and gas model.

You can use this eBook as a guide to your first use of the checklist, and for later projects, you will be able to use the checklist on its own, as you repeat what you have done before.

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