OIL & GAS QUARTER IN REVIEW: MARCH TO WAR - Where Eagles Dare And Bears Have Paws On The Gas Tap

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A Note From The Editor…

Looking back at the first four months of 2014, scarcely has there been so much turbulence without cataclysm.

From debt ceilings in North America to frack pads in northern England, geopolitics and energy politics have kissed and collided across the globe, and are most notably dancing the grim fandango cheek-to-cheek on Ukrainian soil as I sit and write.

Every week, I offer the readers of Oil and Gas IQ my 50 cents (roughly 18 roubles) on the topical issues of the week and how they will affect the industry we work in and, by extension, the world we live in. Seldom are the realms of energy and politics mutually exclusive: you will find prima facie evidence of that in the 16 weeks of op-ed that follow.

I hope you enjoy this prêcis of the first quarter of 2014 in the world of oil, gas and international politicking. I might still be clinging on to 20/20 vision by the skin of my teeth, but I claim neither clairvoyance nor the monopoly on seeing the world.

Tim Haðdar
Oil & Gas IQ

Spring 2014

Oil & Gas IQ


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