OIL & GAS QUARTER IN REVIEW: Plato, Referendums & The Trauma Of Nations

A Note From The Editor…

The third quarter of 2014 has been dominated by the two issues, of geopolitical significance: one, a continued malevolence in the Fertile Crescent, the other, the culmination of a political concern that has been brewing for the last 300 years.

The gains of radical military force ISIS in war-torn Iraq and Syria at the barrel of a gun have played out at the same time as the push for Scottish independence in the United Kingdom came to a head and was quashed at the ballot box.

In the same period, the up-and-coming BRICS nations signed a charter to create a fiscal body to rival the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kurdistan sold its first shipment of oil in an ostensible thrust for sovereign statehood, and well-publicised cyber security breaches gave celebrity A-listers and oil companies alike a splitting headache.

What treats does Q4 have in store for us? Can’t wait to find out….


  • Black Market And Black Gold Fly The Black Flag In Iraq
  • Giving Birth To An Oil Nation On The Grand Chessboard
  • The BRICS NDB None Of Your Damned Business?
  • Paving The Way For A British Energy Revolution?
  • The Battle For Order In The Cradle Of Civilisation
  • Can You Really Ostracise A Golden Goose?
  • What Do Statoil And 101 Celebrities Have In Common? Getting Hacked
  • Scottish Independence A Thoroughly British Energy Nightmare?
  • Plato, Referendums & The Trauma Of Nations
  • Scotland, The State Of Affairs And Fizzy Drinks

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