Productivity, Risk And Cost: What Everyone In The Hydrocarbon Industry Needs To Know

Survivors in the current challenging economic conditions will be those that can balance productivity, risk and costs. To do this, everyone in the organisation from boardroom to frontline needs to excel in managing operations. The winners will be those that engage the whole organisation in delivering operational excellence (OE).

In this report, we look at:

  • How OE programmes can dial in key areas of productivity, risk and cost
  • The way leaders can drive OE throughout the organisation
  • How to avoid the oil industry's archetypal repeated cycles of cost escalation and cost reduction
  • The methodology that can lead to long-term business stability and sustainability

This report is for operators in the following areas of oil and gas: 

  • Upstream onshore
  • Upstream offshore
  • Downstream
  • LNG
  • Petrochemicals

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