WEBINAR: How to Improve Plant Performance by Improving the Worker Experience

Marrying Technology and Human Intellect

This webinar will take place on:
24 June, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST

Manufacturers around the globe have been focused on the opportunities of cyber physical connectivity being driven by industry 4.0. However, as many implement, they are learning that they are missing the 'human factor' - the marriage between technology and human intellect that's driving industry 5.0.

The 'How to Improve Plant Performance by Improving the Worker Experience' webinar examines how technology can support human performance and the worker experience - and have a significant impact on the business.

This case study driven webinar will move beyond the digital twin, and explore the concept of the digital triplet and how you can monitor the experience your workers have day to day (and understand the impact their performance has on the plant!). The digital triplet creates a more autonomous plant - enabling more autonomous workers and better worker experiences.

Save a seat for Monday, June 24th at 11:00AM EST and get crucial insight on:

  • The difference between a digital twin and triplet
  • How human experience impacts plant performance
  • What your organization can do in order to better understand your workers
  • How to start a culture change in your organization by improving worker experience


Brent Kedzierski, Head of Learning Strategy and Innovation, Shell

As Head of Shell’s Learning Strategy and Innovation, Brent is the owner of Shell’s Learning strategy, methods, tools, innovation funnel and thought capital. Brent drives Shell’s aspiration to be a world-leading learning organization. Over the last 20 years, Brent has led many of the key initiatives that have positioned Shell as a recognized leader in human resource management. Brent’s core expertise is in building strategic capability and tackling complex organizational capability challenges. Prior to Shell Brent led a wide variety of high profile workforce capability projects in high risk industries such as such as aviation, criminal justice, nuclear, and healthcare.

Blair Morgan, President, Innovatia Accelerator

Blair Morgan has pioneered Enterprise-wide Knowledge Management solutions in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Industrial Agriculture, and Petro-Chemical industries. Blair is dedicated to helping clients in the oil and gas sector reduce costs while eliminating avoidable information related workplace incidents. This is accomplished by implementing world class knowledge management, training, workplace performance support methodologies and systems. A common topic of conversation for Blair is how we lay the foundation for a digital workplace that makes day to day operations safer and more efficient. “Knowledge capture, sharing, and ease of access make it easy to do the right thing; hard to do the wrong thing.”