SPECIAL REPORT: BP Energy Outlook 2030

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This year, supermajor BP released its projections for long-term energy trends in the 83 page report The BP Energy Outlook 2030

Amongst the highlights, the report predicts that:


  • Overall worldwide energy demand will grow 40% over the next two decades, with virtually all growth coming from developing nations.
  • By 2020, coal's share of the global market will begin to fall
  • Both the Americas and Eurasia will achieve self-sufficiency in energy
  • By 2030, hybrids will account for most car sales and roughly 30% of all vehicles on the road

Prefaced by CEO Bob Dudley, the report draws on expertise both within and outside the company to assess the world’s likely path of energy production and consumption from today’s vantage point.

BP Energy Outlook 2030

Download the report here


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