HPHT: Terminator, Google & Whats Right About Getting It Wrong

From 1987 to 2013, almost 300 high pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells were drilled on the UK Continental Shelf.

Organised into three categories, these wells not only represent the pioneering forefront of endeavour in today’s oil and gas industry, but also the direction in which the sector is being funnelled in an age where commercial oil discoveries are increasingly harder to come by.

As HPHT wells become more prevalent throughout the global oil and gas landscape, technology is becoming ever more important in the drive to master the most inhospitable conditions the Earth’s crust has to offer.

In this ebook, we speak with a drilling engineer working in east Malaysia, a lead geologist in the Caribbean Sea arena and Drilling and Wells Superintendent in the North Sea about the novel techniques driving HPHT and why it is important to share failure with your peers.