5 Reasons Why Renting Machine Tools Is The Better Option

Steve Clarence

Working in the heavily industrialised Gas and Oil industries means you quickly get used to heavy machinery.

However, no matter what equipment your firm may have, sometimes situations arise that you could never foresee. This can leave you in a position where you need access to specific machinery – and you need it immediately.

So what do you do? Is it always a good idea to purchase the necessary equipment? Well, as it turns out, maybe not.

Here are five top reasons why renting machinery can work in your favour:

1. Improved Efficiency

Rental companies specialise in having the latest and best machinery to hand. Purchase and you’re tied to your investment until it has paid for itself. With the rate technology moves, this could make your investment dated sooner that you would like. With rental tools you can always get the latest and best technology without worrying about purchase.

2. No Maintenance Costs

Heavy, job specific machinery can be costly and time consuming to repair. If you rent, you won’t be tasked with maintaining the kit, meaning you get tip top kit every time you need it, which will save both capital and man-hours.

3. No Storage Costs

For some jobs, the machinery you need will only be required temporarily or for short periods. The rest of the time you’ll be paying for it to be stored somewhere which could be on the other side of the world to where you need it at any given time. With portable machine tool rental, you can normally have the kit supplied from a regional depot in the minimum of time and expense.

4. No Capital Investment

Rent your tools or equipment and you can free up some capital that you would otherwise have spent on machinery. There are no associated costs and you only pay for machinery for the period of the hire. Bypassing the need for capital expenditure approval can save time and is often easier, especially when kit is required for a one-off job.

5. No Obsolescence

As mentioned, technology moves fast. The last thing you want is to invest big in a piece of machinery only for it to become obsolete and or need adapting within a couple of years. Rental firms specialise in keeping up to date and providing the latest equipment for the jobs you need doing.

As well as these benefits, you can also have the option to try-before-you-buy to ensure the kit will work for your needs. You can also ensure that all tools meet with any necessary safety and compliance standards that may exist. Essentially, portable machine tool rental removes the worry and can reduce the risk from the job in front of you.



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