Asset Integrity Management Conference Oman 2013 - Oil & Gas Industry Event Preview

As the Asset Integrity industry now gone through and completed 3 distinct phases AIM strategy and planning, AIM implementation with full management buy-in & AIM execution, techniques and technological advancement. The 8th annual AIM summit focuses only on next generation of AIM concepts.


Top Reasons to attend the event :

  • Understand how you can optimize the Asset Integrity Management systems and strategies in your organization
  • Find out how to manage holistic asset designs with the assistance of AIM systems and design codes
  • Discover how to use Risk Based Inspection to identify threats faster and save operational cost
  • Implement a technical approach to asset integrity management to obtain positive operational results & extend the life-cycle
  • Adapt effective asset integrity managements strategies that will help increase productivity and over challenges

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Hear what past attendees have said about the events:

"Great forum for exchanging and sharing experiences with the pipeline fraternity"
- Takreer
"A vital forum for Middle East operators to share knowledge and common solutions" - ADMA OPCO
"The conference provided integrated information on asset integrity issues delivered by key personnel" - Qatar Petroleum
"Excellent opportunity to network and get updated on asset integrity progress in the region"
- Shell EPM

Expert Speakers Include :

  • Colin Dyer, Asset Integrity and Process Safety Manager, Shell Oman
  • Sayed Elmorsey, Senior Facilities Process Engineer, PICO International Petroleum
  • Mohammed Hassan, Senior Asset Integrity Engineer, Dolphin Energy Qatar
  • Ahmad Barrak, Project Manager, Saudi Aramco

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Asset Integrity Resouces : Whitepapers

AIM: Weathering the Storm

AIM: Weathering the Storm


Benjamin Franklin tells us that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. In the life of a platform two other constants take hold: ageing never ends and rust never sleeps.




PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT - Four Steps To Asset Integrity Success


PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT - Four Steps To Asset Integrity Success


By viewing this essential framework, you will discover "What are the right questions to ask to increase the life of your assets?". Download it now.




The Cornerstone Of Asset Management Success: Policy & Strategy Alignment


The Cornerstone Of Asset Management Success: Policy & Strategy Alignment


In this whitepaper, we look at importance of instituting a clear policy and strategy for asset management that will lead to economic success.