Asset Integrity Summit 2013 - Oil & Gas Industry Event Preview

Asset Integrity Summit

Highlighting robust integrity practices to improve asset efficiency and extend life-cycle

30 September - 02 October, 2013 - Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

With the cost of an unplanned shutdown and the subsequent loss of production far exceeding that of regular maintenance, developing effective asset integrity management strategies has never been more crucial.

Having been affected by the recent shutdowns at Snohvit and Troll, Petoro Chief Executive Kjell Pedersen stated "The operating problems on Snohvit and Troll remind us of the importance of measures aimed precisely at maintaining and extending profitable production from reservoirs and facilities on the large mature fields." The impact that asset integrity has on operations, production and the bottom line is inarguable

The question is: what strategies are the most effective?

With this in mind, Asset Integrity Management Summit Aberdeen, taking place from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October, will highlight how companies can align their maintenance and monitoring strategies to extend the life of aging assets while providing a safe and efficient work environment. The agenda has just been released and you can download your copy here.

Join us in Aberdeen to:

  • Discuss maintenance and inspection strategies that will help your company keep a safe, productive and efficient operating environment
  • Hear case studies in employee competency management that can be implemented to improve the effectiveness of risk reducing programmes through training and internal communication
  • Gain key industry insight on how your company can minimize human failures by forming a robust human factors programme
  • Incorporate lessons learned from case studies on asset risk management, offering ways your company can minimize risk and highlighting recent developments in software and analysis tools
  • Explore corrosion solutions, treatments, and strategies to aid in topside and subsea upkeep
  • Learn how your company can successfully extend the life of your mature assets from regional industry leaders

Visit the Event Site and Download The Agenda


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