Five Deadliest Onshore Oil & Gas Blasts - Part 2

Tim Haïdar

The Texas City Refinery Disaster


March 23, 2005

Location: Texas City, Galveston County, Texas, USA

Casualties: 15 fatalities, 180 injured

Estimated cost: $ ~2 billion (repairs and compensation)

Details: The third biggest refinery in the United States and tenth largest in the world as a whole, the explosion at BP's largest refinery was triggered by a diesel truck igniting a spill from an overfilled knock out drum.

In the aftermath of the of the accident, the independently-commissioned 2006 Baker Report found BP to be lacking in its process safety culture, and not distinguishing between "occupational" and "process" safety.

Three years later, the Occupational Health And Safety Association (OHSA), would impose an $87 million fine on the company for failing to mitigate hazards revealed after the explosion, citing over 700 outstanding safety violations.