Five Reasons Why Oil & Gas Needs RFID Technology

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Tim Haïdar

Part of the Oil and Gas Technology series

RFID (Radio Frequency identification) technology has been around in one form or another since World War II, where work on the first radar systems spawned the use of passive RFID systems to distinguish friendly from enemy fighters in the skies over war-torn Europe.

In the past 70 years, innovations in electronics from transistors to microchip technology and the miniaturisation of components have allowed the promulgation of radio frequency technology as a cost-effective and unintrusive tool for global industry.

Whilst business sectors like retail have been keen to embrace and pioneer the use of RFID in global commerce, skepticism within the oil and gas industry has seen relatively piecemeal uptake of RFID solutions.

However, attitudes are beginning to change. Testimony of tried, tested and successful implementation of RFID technology across the business sphere is turning heads in one of the most conservative provinces of global enterprise.

In this piece, Asdza Nadleehe takes a look at the five most persuasive reasons why RFID systems will soon be embedded at the heart of oil and gas.