[INFOGRAPHIC] Accidents At Sea

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Sumit Dutta

International conservation group WWF has put together a study examining marine shipping accidents, the results of which as been complied into the infographic below.

There appears to be a correlation between international safety standards and accident and highlights the need for better vessel safety procedures and adherence to global regulations.

"Some of the world’s most iconic oceans are also the most at risk. The South China Sea and East Indies, east Mediterranean and Black Sea, North Sea and British Isles were found to be dangerous hotspots for accidents involving ships. WWF is reinforcing the importance of ensuring that vessels are built, maintained and operated to a high standard so as to lower the risk of accidents."

You can download the full WWF Accidents At Sea report here

Among the Key Findings:

  • General Cargo Vessels Account For Nearly 50% Of All Vessel Types Lost At Sea
  • In 2010 172 Vessels Were Lost At Sea
  • Shipping Delivers 90% Of All World Trade

Click on the image below to view the infographic full size:


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