Introducing iPlan: Your Shutdown & Maintenance Solution

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CPD Limited

iPlan is a winning combination of cutting edge technology and proven workflow in the Oil, Gas, Power and Chemical Industry, iPlan aids in the management of all forms of Asset Maintenance.

There are so many variables at play and a successful TAR projects needs to account for 4 key factors:

1. Work Scope:
Understand when your work scope starts, how the scope is generated, and how to gather all the essential information required. Working with our clients, one of the common denominators relating to problems with work scope accuracy is due to significant parts of the scope remaining ‘unknown’ until the beginning of - or worse - during the event. Consequently, this has a knock on effect on planning, scheduling, resources and materials. Collectively, this becomes a significant time and cost issue to the asset owner.

2. Contractor Management:
Foster the most effective programmes to induct, educate and communicate with your contractors, ensuring that they quickly adapt and take ownership and responsibility for the safety, quality and schedule of the TAR project. iPlan has been designed with the ‘partnership working’ approach that asset owners and contractors desire in mind. The Management Dashboard shows a clear event progress in a transparent format, which is available to both parties.

3. Cost Control:
Implementing effective mechanisms that will considerably improve your budget forecasting and reduce final overall project costs. In iPlan, there is an open book approach to for cost submission, approval and reporting of all direct and indirect costs. When a job has been scoped, it can be sent to the responsible person to be approved, reviewed or declined.

4. Readiness Assessment:
Minimize risks by ensuring that turnarounds never begin without full assurance Safety: Sharing and learning the most effective techniques for maintaining the highest HSE Standards during turnarounds. iPlan offers a useful forecasting tool which informs Shutdown Planners of projected completion dates (or ‘readiness’), based on the current rate of job input. If you are not inputting data at a rate quick enough for the size of your event, it will tell you so.

Unlike other maintenance software, iPlan is a complete management solution for the entire project and asset lifecycle. iPlan gives its users greater control, ensuring maximum productivity and profitability.