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Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies: Saudi Aramco

Contributor: Sumit Dutta
Posted: 05/06/2013
Top 10 Oil & Gas Companies: Saudi Aramco
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Saudi Arabian Oil Company

Saudi Arabia’s national oil and gas company is widely viewed as the most valuable company in the world with an estimated value of $10 trillion and generates over $1bn every day in revenues.

The oil and gas company was initially founded in 1933 by Standard Oil of California (SoCal) as California-Arabian Standard Oil Co. Over the years the Saudi government gained an increasingly shareholding share until 1988 when it took full control of the company and rebranded from to Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) to Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company). Since then the company has gone from strength to strength.

The Saudi Arabian oil company has an impressive number of firsts including the world’s largest crude oil reserves, the largest daily production of oil, the world’s largest hydrocarbons network, and ownership of the Ghawar field, the world’s largest oil field.

In addition to domestic refineries which make it one of the biggest companies in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco also has interest in international refineries in Korea, Japan, the US and China.

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  • Barrels Per Day 12.5 million
  • Founded 1933
  • Headquarters Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  • State Owned? Yes
  • CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih, (President & CEO)
  • Revenue US$ 356 billion
  • Employees 56,066 (2011)
  • Website http://www.saudiaramco.com/


Saudi Aramco is the only private organization the FAA allows to own and operate its own airports



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Sumit Dutta
Contributor: Sumit Dutta