Oil sands industry on verge of massive expansion – IQPC’s Canadian Oil Sands Infrastructure Summit brings together industry experts to address key challenges

CALGARY, AB, CANADA – Oil and Gas IQ, a division of IQPC, announces the Canadian Oil Sands Infrastructure Summit, being held August 29 to 31, 2011, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The summit addresses strategies for industry players to increase ROI while developing and maintaining a sustainable oil sands mining infrastructure.

The oil sands industry is on the verge of a massive expansion – a recent report released by the Canadian Energy Research Institute states: "By 2035 production volume will reach 4.9 MMBPD under the Realistic Scenario. Production is projected to reach 2.1 MMBPD by 2015, and 4.8 MMBPD by 2030."* These kinds of unconventional reserves provide energy security and create jobs both domestically and across borders. It is estimated that at least one-third of the jobs created by the development of the oil sands industry will be created outside Alberta. This offers neighboring states such as Montana a golden opportunity to participate constructively in the development of infrastructure to support the growth of the oil sands industry. Development of effective transport corridors is a matter of great significance to Montana as much as it is to Alberta.

The Canadian Oil Sands Infrastructure Summit is geared to educating those in the oil sands industry with programs that give practical insight into infrastructure development and innovation for distribution into new export markets, achieving efficiency in extraction methods, environmentally compliant oil sands extraction technologies and more.

Oil sands operators, oil sands companies, pipeline companies, utility stakeholders and solution providers will all be in attendance at the summit. Featured speakers include oil sands industry experts and top executives from companies such as TransCanada, Husky Energy, as well as the Energy Council of Canada. Prestigious guest speakers including the Honourable Lloyd Snelgrove, Minister of Finance and Enterprise for the Province of Alberta, will provide in-depth discussions into the challenges facing the industry.

For more information on the Canadian Oil Sands Infrastructure Summit, please visit www.oilsandssummit or contact Soren Du Preez, Program Director at Soren.DuPreez@iqpc.com.

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* Canadian Energy Research Institute, Economic Impacts of New Oil Sands Projects in Alberta (2010--?2035), Study No. 124, May 2011